About Us

We enable the 99% to build wealth using sound investment strategies
The ultra-rich continue to reap high returns on their investments while everybody else is saddled with below par returns. One reason for this discrepancy is the disparity in access to sophisticated investment strategies. Our founder, having managed such strategies at hedge funds, was frustrated at how friends and family were missing out on getting access to expert strategies.
As a team of product builders and investment experts, we will bring Wall Street's alternative investment strategies to Main Street. We hope to earn your trust as a partner for the long haul on your wealth-building journey.

Utpal Diwan head shot

Utpal Diwan
Co-CEO and Founder

Utpal founded 99rises to democratize access to investment strategies available only to the wealthy. He has managed $1B+ long-short equity portfolios and has worked at multi-billion dollar funds such as Citadel and D.E. Shaw. He was founder and CEO of Mobius Capital Management where he developed an AI/RNN based commodity price predictor. Utpal has an Engineering MS from Stanford and an MBA from Columbia.

Ramana Rao head shot

Ramana Rao
Co-CEO and Founder

Ramana is a serial startup founder and bigco exec. As such, he has raised $120M+, built many products, and seen acquisitions to SAP/Business Objects, the Washington Post, and Adobe. He started out as an AI/CS & HCI researcher and inventor with many highly-cited papers and widely-licensed patents. He has BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from MIT.