Grow your wealth in this turbulent world

Invest in your goals, values, and interests

  • Get access to hedge fund strategies available only to the rich before
  • Participate in socially-responsible and impact investing
  • Lean on our investment team's expertise as your needs and priorities change

Engage in the journey

You'll shape your own wealth-building plans and learn along the way. And we'll actively manage your stock investments, consistently balancing rewards and risks against your goals, values, and interests.

Pick blocks, not stocks

You pick from a range of blocks including ones we recommend to you based on your profile. We manage the stocks within each block to meet its purpose in your portfolio.

A block is a collection of stocks managed to meet a set of objectives related to performance, risk protection, and other parameters specific to the block:
  • Long-short hedge fund strategies matching your risk profile
  • Purpose-driven investing at low mins
  • Exposure to Crypto and other asset types via ETFs
Blocks provide access to a broad range of strategies and asset classes.

We actively manage the blocks in your portfolio to reduce volatility in chaotic public markets and to seize opportunities as they arise

An experience that ties learning in

Personalized news and learning feeds

Strategies and stock picks at your fingertips

Explanations that teach as your wealth grows

Daily content matching your interests

Our goal is to help you understand our strategies and become better investors over time. On any day, you can skim for highlights or you can dig in to the details of our strategies, models, and picks.

Enjoy the journey toward greater wealth

We will be with you every step of the way. Our experience and rigorous investment process enables us to build you a portfolio of blocks that meet your goals, values, and interests in an experience like no other

It starts with three easy steps

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Establish your strategy through a guided interview

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Fund your account from your bank account

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Pick your first block to start the journey

Fees & Minimums

Minimum $5,000 per account

1% annual advisory fee

No lock-ups

It’s your money and you can withdraw any time

  • High standards of security and protection
  • Two-factor login with 256-bit encryption
  • SIPC insurance per account up to $500,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We are here to help.

99rises is a managed investment platform that provides low-cost, low-minimums access to hedge fund strategies (“alts”) and impact investing in separately managed customer accounts. As investment advisers, we are a fiduciary, which means we act in your interests ahead of our own. We will ask you a bit about yourself, your investment goals and set you up for success.

“Alts” or alternative investment strategies offer investors a choice over traditional investment strategies that generally allocate capital on a “buy and hold” basis (i.e. “long only funds”) to stocks, bonds, and cash. “Alts” seek to create positive performance in all market conditions over a given investment horizon. As such, often performance is not measured versus a broad market index, or a benchmark, but in absolute terms along with other factors e.g. volatility.`

It’s your money in a separately managed account and you can have access to it within 3-5 business days. At 99rises, we leverage technology to eliminate barriers to most people that may have had reason in the past including “locking up” your capital.

You can change your information as frequently as you like. However, after your initial investment, any changes to portfolio allocations will be adjusted on the next rebalance (at least monthly).

Your assets are held at our custodian, Apex Clearing, one of the premier custodians across the brokerage technology industry. We protect your personal data and financial information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 256-bit encryption technology.

Our brokerage firm, Tradier is a member of FINRA, the securities industry self-regulatory body. Your assets are held at our custodian Apex Clearing. Each is insured by the SPIC, premier insurer of the brokerage industry, up to $500,000 per account, of which $250,000 can be applied to cash balances. This can protect against losses of account assets in the event that 99rises or Tradier liquidates. What you should remember is that this does not protect against market changes or risks in your account. The risks inherent in investing are tradeoffs you make to pursue investment returns. We design our blocks to aim for the highest projected returns given the associated risk level.

Using guided interviews, our rules-based platform computes a risk score and establishes an investment profile that can drive the selection of the initial block choices for the customer. At this stage, we are focused on picking your initial long-short block which will provide a “safety prioritized” core to your portfolio. What we mean by this is a block that is broad in its composition and focused on managing volatility as current markets make clear can be quite harmful to passive strategies. We will expand blocks over time and provide tools for evaluating the best choices based on your goals, values, and interests.

As with most investments, positive returns are not guaranteed and you may lose some or all of the money you have invested. Alternative strategies are also exposed to the same asset class and market liquidity issues as other investments. In addition, although hedging is intended to limit or reduce investment risk, it may not achieve that effect. In some cases, hedging may even increase losses. Lastly, there are risks that will not or cannot be hedged.